Brick Re-pointing & Stone Re-pointing pointing or Tuckpointing

The average brick can remain in good condition for over 100 years!

Unfortunately, mortar has a much shorter lifespan. Though the stone and brickwork on your property may be holding up beautifully, repairs and maintenance on the mortar around these pieces is a necessity. The mortar or "joints" around your brick, stone, or blocks are designed to last much shorter than the bricks and stones themselves. Re-pointing is the process of renewing these joints.

Some signs that your property may need   re-pointing or tuckpointing include loose bricks or stones, weathering, or general deterioration of the mortar between masonry units.

Repointing corrects these problems, giving your masonry a fresh look and functional stability. It also improves the masonry's resistance to water, lowering the risk of damage to your home and property! If your property is in need of repointing, call us today. 

Our team is skilled in the art of re-pointing brick, stone, and blocks; finding and practicing the newest techniques with the highest quality materials. We are so confident in our craftsmen that your work is satisfaction guaranteed!


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