Bulging or bowing brick walls

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Bulges: Understanding Bulged or Bowed Structural Brick Walls: Collapse Hazards

Sketch, shows what happens when a brick structural wall becomes bulged. This is an extremely dangerous condition threatening sudden and catastrophic building collapse.

At BRICK FOUNDATION & WALL DEFECTS where we list types of brick wall and foundation defects, we illustrate cases of structural brick wall or foundation collapse.

Watch out: Any movement in a structural brick wall which risks having broken the bond courses in the wall, and any movement in a brick veneer wall which has broken or loosened the connections between the veneer to the underlying structure are potentially dangerous and risk collapsing masonry!

The gap around the entry door of this brick town home is several inches wide. While one might find such a gap if a door frame and jamb were not properly installed and are moving, another possible explanation is that the entire front brick wall of this building has leaned outwards or has bulged outwards - risking a dangerous structural collapse.



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