Masonry Cleaning

Masonry cleaning is one of the most visually stunning rennovations a building can undergo. 

A professional cleaning of your property's masonry exposes the original intended color of the stone or brick work. Especially in urban areas, discoloration of the masonry can occur due to buildup caused by pollution, hard water deposits, or even plant and animal life. Masonry cleaning removes these types of buildup, restoring your home to it's original splendor.

In addition to the improved appearance of the masonry, cleaning also offers other benefits. If the property in question needs a repair such as patching or repointing, a thorough cleaning will expose the original color of the mortar, making color-matching easier, and ensuring a more accurate match. During cleaning, waterproofing agents can also be applied to help protect your masonry from water damage. 

Our team of trained experts perform masonry cleanings with the utmost respect for your property. Great care is taken to insure that there will be no pitting, discoloring, or other damage to the masonry. Our craftsmen are constantly trained on the latest techniques and practice, and use the best quality supplies in the industry to ensure that your home looks fresh, bright and revitalized!

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