Chimney Repairs

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We perform full and partial Chimney Rebuilds, Brick and Stone Pointing, Grinding, and Cement Crown Wash. We are a full-service Masonry Repair and Restoration company. No job is too large or too small.  via our contact form.

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Chimney services Include:
  • Flashing Replacement
  • Chimney Water-Proofing
  • Chimney Pointing
  • Chimney Repair 

U-Haul, 1305 W. Main St, Norristown PA

Work Performed: Brick Chimney Repair | Date Completed: December 2017 | Problem: Damaged and cracked mortar joints, bricks and damaged chimney wash.

Solution – Brick replacement as needed. Repointed 100% of chimney using type “S” mortar and a beveled tool for a brick to brick joint to allow for proper water runoff.

Parkside United Methodist Church, 1418 Kaighn Street, Camden, NJ 

Work Performed: Stone Chimney Repair | Date Completed: February 2020 | Problem: Damaged chimney wash which caused damaged mortar joints and stones.

Solution – Replaced stones as needed – re-pointed with a type “N’ mortar and plumb and level raised ribbon joint. Installed new chimney wash.

Lafayette Hill, PA

Work Performed: Chimney Repair | Date Completed: May 2017 | Problem: water infiltration behind the stucco rooting the wood.

Solution – remove damaged stucco area and wood behind it, replace the wood and installed tar paper and 3 coat stucco system with color and texture to match existing.

Ambler, Pa

Work Performed: Chimney Repair | Date Completed: November 2019 | Problem: Chimney was in disrepair due to flawed stucco system.

Solution – remove old stucco system and replace with new 3 coat stucco system in a color and texture to match existing.

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