“Our Story”

After my first 16 years in this industry, spanning from 1995 to 2010; from laborer to apprentice, apprentice to foremen then foremen to general manager and finally a salesman, I quickly realized that we were in a completely unregulated industry, yet I was seeing the same cracks on the same places in the same buildings over and over again.  In 2010 I sold my 1st company and started Craft Pro Masonry Restoration Company Inc.  We were going to be 100% honest and hardworking and we were going to learn how to create value in an unregulated industry.  Over the past 10 years an incredible transformation has taken place in our thinking and understanding of masonry structures.

If you own a 1 story residential house, industrial warehouse or a 40 story commercial high rise and most masonry structures in-between and you are seeing cracking in your masonry walls, have been disappointed by lack of results from other companies, are frustrated with the overall lack of understanding – Give us a call, you’ll be happy and relieved that you did.

What we Have Learned

All masonry buildings crack the same ways for the same reasons. Our industry term, across the board is “step Cracking”. That’s like going to the doctor with a broken foot and saying, “I’im sick”. Cracking in masonry buildings are identifiable marks that tell a story and the history of a building. If read properly, we can understand the original construction defects/limitations, previous mis-diagnosis’ and the corresponding work that was performed and a plan for the new work with guaranteed results.
The 3 most important variables, before anything else are:
1.) Which direction is the façade facing
2.) How large is the overhang on the cornice above the masonry walls
3.) Has the wall begun to deflect, bow, bulge….

Re-pointing is by far the most common mis-diagnosis’ and customers are always asking to have their façade re-pointed, especially if they are experiencing water infiltration issues. Bowed walls are the most common reasons for water infiltration issues and re-pointing a leaking and bowing masonry wall will make the problem worse.

Our Promise

We will use our experience and understanding in honest and effective ways and every project will be “properly diagnosed and repaired – guaranteed”

We are interested in finding the correct diagnosis on every project and will guarantee the results (will not crack, leak or fail…) for an extended amount of time, between 2 to 10 years.

We are not right 100% of the time and when we are wrong, we will do everything in our power to fix the underlying issues.

We will give options based on value and will take the time to educate our customers on the original construction timeframes, methods, materials, etc.  

We will offer recent referrals with similar/relative projects and recommend discussing and/or visiting the sites to get the best possible understanding before a contract is signed.

We have guaranteed every project that we have performed since January 1st 2019; we have been incredibly successful and have very few call backs or unhappy customers. 

Learn how we properly diagnose and repair.

New for 2020!

Free diagnostic clinics in different neighborhoods in Philadelphia:
  • The forums will be 1 hour; we will discuss the typical construction methods for each neighborhood. The forums are geared towards chronic water infiltration, crack reading and corresponding repairs and understanding why masonry walls bow and the leaks associated with bowing/deflecting masonry walls
  • We will give anyone that attends 5 minutes to discuss their particular problems, based on pictures, storys and past experiences.
  • Everyone that attends will hear each diagnosis. This will help everyone’s overall understanding and we can compare conditions and find similar anomalies.
  • Anyone can attend (architects and engineers, general contractors, even other masonry companies)

Craft Pro Masonry Restoration Consulting Inc.: We are unveiling our consulting and masonry inspection division.

We will be the best tool in the toolbox of perspective building owners, re-developement companies, members of associations who are interested in their own understanding.  All of our information is confidential and we will limit our consulting to a few select companies in each city/town. This will ensure value in our understanding to enable potential buyers to find out what buildings will have continuous maintenance issues and what projects need to be completed to avoid these maintenance issues – before you buy.