Lintel / I-Beam Repair & Replace

Lintel Repairs above the window, consistent leaks coming from the top of your window may mean it’s time to replace your lintel.
It can be easy to underestimate just how much your window lintel could affect your structure. However, leaks are a very real possibility if theses portions of your home are failing. Unaddressed lintel repairs may result in permanent water damage. Instead of leaving them untreated, let craft pro masonry take a look at them for you.
Our trained craftsmen are experts in lintel repairs. We guarantee your satisfaction! With Craft Pro, you can be sure that your steps will look great and withstand the test of time!

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Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 

Work Performed: Lintel Repair | Work Completed: November 2018 | Problem: Rusting lintels due to water infiltration. 

Solution – Remove all rust, polish lintel, Paint with rust inhibitor then re-point using type “N” mortar leaving weep holes every 8”. 

Wallace Street, Philadelphia, PA 

Work Performed: Lintel Replacement | Work Completed: October 2019 | Problem: Wooden lintels rotted out causing failure in brick. 

Solution – Replaced Lintel with steel angle iron, re-laid bricks and re-stucco to match existing.

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